Sedona Recycles is proud to offer recycling of Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene foam). This labor-intensive process is great for the environment, but results in a large financial loss for our operation. We are so grateful to our Styrofoam recycling sponsors, whose donations make this program possible. To become a sponsor of our Styrofoam recycling program, please contact us. Past Styrofoam recycling program sponsors can be viewed here.


In 2017, Sedona Recycles recycled 5 tons of Styrofoam, saving:

          3,189 gallons of oil

Where it goes: Berg Mill Supply – Los Angeles, CA
What it becomes: crown molding, pictures frames, CD cases


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Styrofoam recycling facts

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is the fifth largest source of hazardous waste in the US.
  • When discarded, EPS foam breaks down into ever smaller pieces. These microplastic particles can contaminate soil and water.
  • Sedona Recycles is one of only a handful of recycling facilities nationwide that accept EPS foam for recycling. With the help of generous grants from Sedona Community Foundation, Yavapai County Community Foundation, and the City of Sedona we were able to purchase a densifier which removes the majority of the air from the EPS foam and forms it into dense “logs” that are more efficient to ship for recycling.
  • Recycled EPS foam becomes crown molding, picture frames, and CD cases.