Household and commercial composting is another form of recycling. In 2003, food scraps and yard trimmings comprised 23.8% of total municipal solid waste in the U.S. That’s almost 25% of our garbage that could be recycled into new healthy soil! Although commercial composting is not available in the Verde Valley, you can start composting at home. Composting your food scraps and yard trimmings not only reduces the amount of garbage you produce, it also creates healthy soil that you can add to your garden or lawn. If you are not interested in doing home composting, Compost Crowd provides curbside collection of food scraps.


Here is a simple compost recipe. Simply add the ingredients, stir, keep moist, and you’ve got compost!

Food scraps: vegetable peels and seeds, eggshells, fruit peels and seeds, nutshells, coffee grounds and filters, and other vegetable or fruit scraps

Yard or garden trimmings: hay or straw, wood chips, grass clippings, weeds and other garden waste, leaves, manure, sawdust, dryer lint, and shredded paper


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